Tips For A Trouble-Free Tree

December 13, 2022

Use the following tricks to keep your holiday green:

  • Recut  - Give your new tree a new cut by sawing an inch off the bottom, ensuring a level base, and helping it absorb water.
  • Daily Water  - Once a week is a recipe for disaster. Top water daily and keep it clean.
  • Screw Up - Don't break your wrist! Use a power tool to tighten the bolts on your tree.
  • Based - Put a flat base under your tree if wobbly, and layer with an absorbing material underneath to avoid water damage.
  • Bottom Out - ´╗┐Avoid decorating the bottom as it can cause temptation for your furry friends. Tinsel can be treacherous. 
  • Admire From Afar - use baby/pet gates to block off your tree or, if possible, place it in a room that can be closed off.

 Your tree will look better, last longer, and be safer than ever. Enjoy the ambiance.